11 Apr 2017

A Litany of Loss

In each and every corner lies
the blood of cruelty
while human kind ignoring cries
allows inequity.

From palaces and parliaments
despots seek their way
while using gods to justify
they care not who they slay.

Wreaking terror in their path
some bomb to kill and maim
while others have no need for guns
oppression is their game.

For centuries the multitudes
have toiled their days 'til death 
in poverty and ignorance,
their lives mere taking breath.

But modern man cannot excuse
indifference to cries
from those who live life in distress,
it's there before our eyes.

Inside our homes come fictions foul
de-sensitising soul,
acceptance of atrocities
becomes part of our whole.

Great writers, only read by few,
described all they foresaw,
no longer reach their audience
- not lost, but gone before.

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