11 Dec 2016

Streets of San Francisco

Yes it is fun to ride on
all those little cable cars 
see Alcatraz and Golden Gate,
those cafes, shops and bars

but stepping off the tourist trail
things seen are not so pretty -
left trying to forget them all 
those mean streets of that city

the dust, the dirt, the poverty
those insults thrown, words shouted
lost souls seeming worlds apart
whose sanity one doubted 

post traumatic stress victims
drunks sleep it off on trams
drug deals go down in doorways
bag ladies with their prams

even Union Square has problems
homeless people numbering scores
despite the rich and famous
spending huge in high end stores

staying close to well lit areas
we sought advice on places
mapped as 'sights not to be missed'
so avoiding hostile faces

all cities have their dark side
but it's in knowing what you've got
I believed you Tony Bennett
and romantic it is not!

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