13 Aug 2017

Getting over it

weak for the sight of you
my heart just aches with tears
whatever I may do 
all surely sense my fears

such sorrow knows no friend
but slowly hours will pass
'til day comes to an end
and I'm alone at last 

to read some book at length
and search for what I need
to cheer and give me strength
so I no longer bleed

A poem written for a contest asking for words often deemed poetically weak!

Alliteration and Acrimony

Armageddon activates
annihilation awaits
- are any attending?

alarming arrays
and arresting affrays
autocrats amending?

as angels accord
an acrid award
ashes are ascending

NOTES: Armageddon - a dramatic and catastrophic conflict, especially one seen as likely to destroy the world or the human race

'Bout me and Jesus

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam?
What a fun dream
When I was young
Life just begun

Follow his steps on the right path
And for top prize
My shining eyes
See paradise?

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam?
I don't think so.
In fact, I know -
He's told me.
So .....