14 Jul 2017

Good (Porcine) News

Back at the sty we chew the fat
- discussing all the latest news
I'm reading up 'bout this and that
but mindful of my P's and Q's

(The other guys all like my take on
what gives within the world of trotters,
- what we must do to save our bacon
from all those barbeque-ing rotters!)

What! Smoke-house shares gone down the pan?
That's excellent if it is true
Sales AND production down in Spam?
By George, we'll raise a glass or two!

Must invite the lad's round for a dig
or meet them at The Laughing Pig .....

4 Jul 2017


where escape routes were none
where there was nowhere to run
where the flames lit the sky
where they prayed not to die 

how they screamed while we cried
how come so many died
how come nowhere to turn
how come 'jump or you'll burn'

what a loss for those living
what they feel - unforgiving
what horrors they saw
what hell can hurt more

who fought against flames
who's still searching for names
who still digs where fire laid them
who was it betrayed them

why were people not heard
when they passed on the word
where those dangers might lie
- who turned a blind eye?