25 Jun 2017

A Perfect Love

she lived alone in her small flat 
and hoped that she might meet some day
someone who'd love her (and her cat)
- a perfect love in every way

each day while waiting for the bus
she'd tell herself that come what may
she'd find 'the one', become an 'us'
- a perfect love in every way

it mattered not if he were small
(tall men are snapped up first they say)
as long as he would come to call
- a perfect love in every way

one night while waiting in the rain
"Let's share a cab" she heard him say
he liked her and he made it plain
- a perfect love in every way

such happiness now filled her life
they saw each other every day
he asked her would she be his wife
- a perfect love in every way

through all the years she'd not forget
the lonely times when life was grey
those endless days until she met
- a perfect love in every way

Sentimental Journey (Oldies Songs)

I'm sailing on my "sentimental journey",
"you'll never know" but "all I have to do is dream".
"My heart tells me" I'm "swinging on a star", but 
"in the blue of evening" things are not quite what they seem

Please hear "my prayer", "don't treat me cruel", "I beg of you". 
"You always hurt the one you love" and then I'll "cry".
Just "love me tender" - that is all you need to do, 
"I've got my love to keep me warm" and "I'll get by".

"If" "everybody's somebody's fool" and
"some enchanted evening" "smoke gets in your eyes",
I'll still sail on that "sentimental journey"
"Can't stop loving you" when you're my "ticket to ride".

Simply Delish (Monotetra)

oh berries bright, what joy you bring
with ripened fruit at end of spring
your flavour seems a wondrous thing
you are the king, you are the king

you shelter under leaves of green
I find and pick you hid within  
then juices sweet as nectarine
run down my chin, run down my chin

this summer fruit is tops you see
for colour, taste and symmetry,
lush strawberries with cream for tea
- delish for me, delish for me


a magician with commitment
displaying charm and artistry
he creates a fine illusion
and decorates it just for me

maybe he's a ventriloquist
and puts his name upon my tongue
but despite my shy resistance
it's been engraved there all along

ethereal whispers tell me
I'm too vulnerable by far
yet I like his perseverance
could be I'll find that shooting star


each night I walk down dusty paths
thick stands of trees on either side
hear wildness padding close behind
soft footfalls scuffing at the leaves

there's beauty in his lordly stripes
lips sneering as he bares his teeth
no-one to help, no place to hide
this stalker bides his time to leap

we've played the scene so many times
by now we should be bosom friends
but terror's strength still holds me tight 
his bite might be my story's end

18 Jun 2017

Life with Cats

cats for life and our life with cats
- they've come to us in many hats
each different yet just the same
personalities in all but name

from moggies to fine Tonkinese
they've loved us but done as they please
demanding food at dead of night
or shouting 'bout some fall or fight

amusing us with funny ways
their antics make us laugh for days
they've brought us gifts that weren't quite nice
like lizards legs or headless mice

they've talked to us in their cat speak
had endless fun with hide and seek
they've rubbed and purred to show they care
clawed at the rugs and scratched the chair

curled up on laps with eyes of love
not wanting us to make a move
we've loved them 'til their day was done
and miss them each and every one