16 May 2017

Facial Recognition

Is this the face that's best left hid from view,
of those who feel themselves a better race,
who've never thought to question all they knew,
is this the face?

While caught up in their lives of keeping pace,
their main intent to get all that's their due,
the rights of others never reaching through.
Is this the face?

Not wondering if what they hear is true,
no reaching out to see if it's the case,
such mindless hate can be a heady brew.
Is this the face?

FORM ..... a SonnetyRondel.  This is a form invented by Lisa Morris, aka Streambed on Allpoetry, which uses the rentrement (the first phrase of Line 1) as a refrain:

Stanzaic: Four quatrains
Metric: Iambic pentameter and di-meter
Rhyme Scheme: abaB baaB abaB