29 Dec 2016

Sunday Ladies

Sunday ladies - we must not forget
their false plumage of sobriety
as they stoop to genuflect
playing bastions of our society

hats worn with amazing elan
pious looks of delight on their faces
believing in God's greater plan
already sure of their places

make the very best cake on the stall
knit some socks for the halt and the lame
invite our dear vicar to call
"it's such a huge honour he came"

make some visits to those who are ill
but not if its something too catching
taking note of the dust on the sill
and whether the curtains are matching

start discussing a marital state
report on some kid's bad behaviour
say they'll wind up in clink at this rate  
all in the name of the Saviour

with such rituals week after week
it might be hard to equate what we knew
of their cold two-faced ways, so to speak, 
with their posture while sat in a pew

acting religious on only one day
highlights just where the shade is
a good life is lived every day of the week
that's the lesson to learn, Sunday Ladies

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