16 Dec 2016

In Passing

Whatever became of whats-her-name?
The one who hung around last fall?
Or was it spring, I can't recall?

Seemed quite sad and melancholic.
We thought she might be alcoholic.
Remember her?

She was with us at your brothers 'do'
And we talked of how our nails grew?
Well, WE talked, she listened. 
Or seemed to.

Later she cried, her mascara ran.
Describe her? I don't think I can
No, never saw her with a man

Yes! That's it, you've got her now
The one who said you were a cow
to laugh at her that time. 

Hey, WOW!

Gassed herself? And her cat?
Could never do a thing like that.
So, who's now living in her flat?

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