30 Dec 2016

More 10 Word Poems

no apology
can't be sad
inside i'm glad
it made you mad

tarnished hopes 
just thinking they must'a
lost some lustre
while getting here

the right amount
my arms will enfold
all the love
they can hold

just kids' talk
fell outta that tree
hurt my knee
'ya wanna see?

come what may
don't give a damn
what they say

is it poetry?
strung together
seemingly at random
no rhyme nor reason

wordsmith's bible
expending time and thought
could come to nought
- invest wisely

10 Words of Madness
Trump and Putin say they are
supporting all things nuclear

What others may think
must wait
to grow up

29 Dec 2016

the ball gown

the girl in the mirror stands high on tip-toe

she arches her back as she's tying the bow

at the back of the dress, then starts doing a twirl
turning this way and that, the skirts billow and swirl

such a beautiful dress, it belonged to her mother
so carefully kept and loved as no other
the girl closes her eyes and imagines the dance
in the arms of a lover, the start of romance

moving daintily now as she hums out the tune
she goes twirling and swirling around the bedroom
nobody to watch yet she waltzes with grace
and just for that moment she is there in her place

Sunday Ladies

Sunday ladies - we must not forget
their false plumage of sobriety
as they stoop to genuflect
playing bastions of our society

hats worn with amazing elan
pious looks of delight on their faces
believing in God's greater plan
already sure of their places

make the very best cake on the stall
knit some socks for the halt and the lame
invite our dear vicar to call
"it's such a huge honour he came"

make some visits to those who are ill
but not if its something too catching
taking note of the dust on the sill
and whether the curtains are matching

start discussing a marital state
report on some kid's bad behaviour
say they'll wind up in clink at this rate  
all in the name of the Saviour

with such rituals week after week
it might be hard to equate what we knew
of their cold two-faced ways, so to speak, 
with their posture while sat in a pew

acting religious on only one day
highlights just where the shade is
a good life is lived every day of the week
that's the lesson to learn, Sunday Ladies

26 Dec 2016


As I stand here on the outside looking in
How sad it is to know I'll always stay
A stranger still to those who are within
No soulmate to be found, no friend, no twin
No memories to share, no words to say
As I stand here on the outside looking in
Yearning for a friendship to begin
No-one interested in things I have to say
A stranger still to those who are within
They have a secret game that I can't win
Must let the cards fall where they may
As I stand here on the outside looking in
No friendly glance, no smiling eyes, no grin
Now is the time to stop and turn away
A stranger still to those who are within
Longing for a friendship to begin
But thinking there is malice here at play
As I stand here on the outside looking in
A stranger still to those who are within

22 Dec 2016

late night shopper

supermarket window shows a ghost
of the someone she'd once been
not dumpy and dull with swollen legs
but a girl with sights unseen

such a pretty girl and a bright girl
with a sparkle in her eyes
life with meaning to be seen in
how she's reaching for the prize

eyes growing teary, she's so weary
as she leans against the glass
and slides down to the pavement
as the late night shoppers pass

16 Dec 2016

A place called Misery

misery's a lonely place
I want to move away
destination anywhere 
but here

there is no route to freedom
that doesn't cause more pain
to me and to the ones
I hold so dear

past failures are a handicap
in making up my mind
only love should make me stay
not fear

catch an early train to heaven
by taking a few pills
the exit of a coward
- but so near

destination could be anywhere
please don't make me stay
in misery, that lonely place,
right here

In Passing

Whatever became of whats-her-name?
The one who hung around last fall?
Or was it spring, I can't recall?

Seemed quite sad and melancholic.
We thought she might be alcoholic.
Remember her?

She was with us at your brothers 'do'
And we talked of how our nails grew?
Well, WE talked, she listened. 
Or seemed to.

Later she cried, her mascara ran.
Describe her? I don't think I can
No, never saw her with a man

Yes! That's it, you've got her now
The one who said you were a cow
to laugh at her that time. 

Hey, WOW!

Gassed herself? And her cat?
Could never do a thing like that.
So, who's now living in her flat?

10 word poems (1)

short and sweet
when you catch yourself
navel gazing
better do
some erasing

just the 3
why say more? 
when three will do
I love you

poor listener?
when other people's
she shouts
what about ME?

crazy cat
love my cat
he's black
but MAD
and that's that

poets path

you've gotta kiss a lot of toads
before you find your prince
you're gonna write a load of dross
read lines that make you wince
but there'll come a time 
(one hopes)
some day beyond the clatter
and croaking of false frogs and toads
you'll find some words that matter

15 Dec 2016

Over and Out

what words mean to me
do not mean the same to you
that is the sad truth

what I think I've said
is not what you think you hear
rarely we agree

tiring of this game
our conversations dying
we stop listening 

13 Dec 2016

permanent injury

since we parted ways
how can I pass the days
no-one can explain
how to stand the pain

each day, each night,
each minute
don't want even to begin it

dreamless would be better
since I received your letter
but I dream of you instead
no rest for me in bed

each day, each night,
each second
since another woman beckoned

hours filled with pain
driving me insane
just limping through the days
since we parted ways

12 Dec 2016


though sticks and stones may break your bones

hateful words can be more of a curse
they fly through the air like arrow heads
and may injure you even worse
no armour exists that will stop the hurt
as they splinter into your heart
no salve has been made to ease the pain
as their meaning rips you apart
with hindsight you'll suffer again and again
reliving them in your mind
and though memories fade the injuries laid  
are not of the healing kind
so it's silly to charm and say words cannot harm
they can scar you even worse
than those sticks and stones which may break your bones

but won't stay in your mind like a curse

hello poetry

I love it here
this is the place
to try my hand
and show my face
but I'm afraid

so many here
have much to say
write lovely words
I read and pray
that I may too

and know my words
might touch a heart
or prompt a laugh
or tear apart
some thought that's blind

finding friends like this
a special way
to meet and greet
so come what may
must learn my part

make bid to stay

11 Dec 2016

Streets of San Francisco

Yes it is fun to ride on
all those little cable cars 
see Alcatraz and Golden Gate,
those cafes, shops and bars

but stepping off the tourist trail
things seen are not so pretty -
left trying to forget them all 
those mean streets of that city

the dust, the dirt, the poverty
those insults thrown, words shouted
lost souls seeming worlds apart
whose sanity one doubted 

post traumatic stress victims
drunks sleep it off on trams
drug deals go down in doorways
bag ladies with their prams

even Union Square has problems
homeless people numbering scores
despite the rich and famous
spending huge in high end stores

staying close to well lit areas
we sought advice on places
mapped as 'sights not to be missed'
so avoiding hostile faces

all cities have their dark side
but it's in knowing what you've got
I believed you Tony Bennett
and romantic it is not!

7 Dec 2016

Brief Encounter

say you love me
make me smile
stay beside me
for a while

sing me love songs
read me tales
tell me loving
never fails

fill me up and
drink me dry
stop me thinking
love will die

when it's over
and you know
please don't just pretend 
to love ... JUST GO!

25 Nov 2016

LOVE SONG (Shadorma)

what to do
what words can I say
to sooth you
to heal you
to take any pain away
and lull you to rest

where love is
surely one can find
the done thing 
that one thing
which leaves loneliness behind
so I'll do my best

I believe
I know the right song
to bring you
and sing  you 
all that love for which you long
here within my breast

The Shadorma is a poetic form consisting of a six-line stanza (or sestet). The form is alleged to have originated in Spain. Each stanza has a syllable count of three syllables in the first line, five syllables in the second line, three syllables in the third and fourth lines, seven syllables in the fifth line, and five syllables in the sixth line (3/5/3/3/7/5) for a total of 26 syllables. A poem may consist of one stanza, or an unlimited number of stanzas (a series of shadormas).

24 Nov 2016

The best medicine

I love to laugh, I kid you not
In fact I chuckle quite a lot
You may find if you see me smile
And clouds have lifted for a while
That I love to laugh

Life see-saws a bit you see
For those with temperaments like me
So when I'm down life is a bore
Yet where there's mirth my spirits soar
For I love to laugh

When black dog comes with all his ills
And I'm told to take those bloody pills
To help me sleep and ease the pain
I'm quite soon bouncing back again
And I love to laugh

One thing's for sure life is a riddle
Can't swim sedately down the middle
When it's a bumpy ride on a choppy sea
For mood-swing people made like me
But I love to laugh


22 Nov 2016


They've so much to answer
So easy to say
Yet personal history
Made them that way

Experience moulded them
They weren't prepared
By some media pundit
Just knowledge shared

Though life threw things at them
They coped best they could
Though some times were bad times
Many were good

Benefit of hindsight
Comes all too late
Living life as it comes
Deciding ones fate

Think how different things were
Not who's to blame
With each generation 
Saying the same

10 Nov 2016


I carried you beneath my heart
To feel you move was such delight
And as you grew so dreams did start
I longed to see and hold you tight
So love is born

When time came for your arrival
And pain came strong in waves at night
Silent prayers for your survival
Ensured that things would be all right
And you were here

I gazed upon your tiny form
Checked all your fingers and your toes
Wrapping you snug to keep you warm
And felt we were so very close
I loved you so

And now you've fled the nest and gone
Your infant days long in the past
Your growing up has all been done
Yet here you are until the last
Inside my heart

8 Nov 2016

From my window

And from my window I can see
So many things that call to me
Trees and shrubs, spring flowers are there
Birds are darting everywhere
Busy nesting come what may
From dawn until the end of day

And from my window I can see
The ocean and it calls to me
Waves breaking gently on the shores
Their whispers turning into roars
On windy nights when gales blow
Their billows shining white like snow

And from my window I can see
A grassy bank and in its lee
Sea-lions lounging out of reach
And rolling on the sandy beach 
One or two, with bodies great
Just lonely males without a mate

And from my window I can see
The river flows beyond the trees
I follow as it starts to wind
From distant hills that lie behind
And just before a rocky ridge 
Trains clatter noisy on a bridge

The low hills rolling high and wide
Far mountains standing side by side
Backdrop to vistas that I know
Sky above with clouds below
And from my window I can see 
So many things that call to me


1 Nov 2016

Mum's legacy

Whatever would my mum have said
If she could see me now
Would she approve the life I've led?

Her words I carry in my head
Of things she would allow
Whatever would my mum have said?

Her wisdom stood me in good stead
Her ways to show me how
Would she approve the life I've led?

No point she'd say in seeing red
No need to start a row
Whatever would my mum have said?

She liked to say 'You've made your bed'
A wrinkle on her brow
Would she approve the life I've led?

If she were here beside my bed
I'd ask she take a bow
Whatever would my mum have said?
Would she approve the life I've led?

Of sadness

I cannot write of beauty
When sadness fills my mind
Why this should be I do not know
I'm not the moping kind
And though I look at lovely things
And wonder at their grace
Those trees, that sea, those starry skies
They're from another place
Not nestled here within my heart
With melancholy signed
I cannot write of beauty
When sadness fills my mind
Yet there'll come a day
Or so it's said
With sad thoughts left behind
There'll be moons and loons
And fairy wings
And joy will fill my mind